The CHO 5 Day Procrastination Challenge


Tired of having the same items on your To Do List for weeks and maybe even months at a time?

Have you felt overwhelmed by that one task that seems to weigh you down more and more each day that goes by??? (Mine is usually something to do with paperwork!)

Are you running out of reasons why you haven't finished that project in your home that you started back in the Spring?

I believe it's time to push past procrastination and knock things off your list without any hesitation! If you are ready too, then this 5 day challenge is for YOU!

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Challenge Day 1

1 Lessons

Challenge Day 1: The Emotional Game

Challenge Day 2

1 Lessons

Challenge Day 2: The But's

Challenge Day 3

1 Lessons

Day 3: The Plan

Challenge Day 4

1 Lessons

Challenge Day 4: The Practice

Challenge Day 5

1 Lessons

Challenge Day 5: The Tools

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