Welcome to Katie Rössler's Resource Page

Below you will find all of my in person and online events, as well as support resources you can do at home.

Whether you are desiring to work on your own hidden grief or learn how to help others through their hidden grief, there are tools for you here.

If you are looking for something you cannot find, simply email me at info@katierossler.com and I'll do my best to help you.

Available Resources

Mini Soul Spa Session

90 minute session cleaning house on an area you are stuck in your life. We will figure out where it comes from, why it's keeping you stuck, the belief systems around it that need to be shifted and how to move forward with a new mindset and belief system.

Soul Spa Sessions

Like a deep tissue massage for your soul, release the weight that you've been holding onto over the course of three sessions.

Healing Hidden Grief Workshop Series

A 5 part pre-recorded workshop series to help you heal the hidden grief in your life. 

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