The Chief Household Officer Free Mini-Course

In 20 minutes, you will learn tools to start improving how you run your home with more motivation and productivity.

Reviews from the free mini-course:

"This course really helped me, there were few AHA moments during the course and am definitely going to implement what I have learnt."-Lineo

"Thank you for providing this mini course. It is great to be reminded of the things that could be done." -Kamla

"Thanks for an amazing course and eye opening experience!!" -Salma

This free course is the stepping stone for From Stay at Home Mom to Chief Household Officer® and The Working Mother Initiative.

4 Modules

Welcome! It's time for a change.

Ready for a change in how you lead and manage your home? Dive in and see how a mindset shift can help!

What is a Chief Household Officer?

It's time to better understand what this title actually means.

1 Picture, 2 Truths

Check out how this psychology trick applies to your home as well.

4 Strategies For More Productivity

Learn the 4 strategies to being more productive in getting things done at home.

Modules for this resource 4
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