The Successful Family Meeting Guide

Are you done with always nagging your partner and kids to do things at home?

Are you tired of last-minute decisions that are impossible to plan for?

Do you feel your family life is all over the place and everyone is doing their own thing?


Move in the same direction with a Family Meeting! 

Teach your kids leadership in the home and relieve your own mental load. 

Create accountability in your family for finishing tasks and let go of the stress. 

Improve communication and create closeness with your partner and kids. 

Uncover the secret to holding Successful Family Meetings!

The Successful Family Meeting Guide includes:

  • The 25-page pdf-guide with step-by-step instructions for stress-free family meetings.  
  • Easy worksheets to create your first three family meetings for better communication. 

At the end you’ll:

  • Have the tools to hold successful family meetings without stress. 
  • Gain focus with your personal and family mission statement.
  • Have a strategy for vacations or when family members are absent to still keep on track.

You will also receive:

  • Tips from real families to make a success of your family meetings.
  • A video course on how to have a couple’s check-in for a successful relationship.

Here's what past students say about the ‘Successful Family Meeting Guide’:

"As a Parent Educator, I simply love The Family Meeting Success Blueprint. It’s a wonderful guide to making family meetings a cornerstone in your family’s communication. Katie cuts right to the point and gives you step by step details on when, how and why to run your family meeting in a manner that is supportive of all family members. You get examples, sample meetings and tried and tested feedback from families to inspire and guide you. Family meetings are such an effective and respectful way for families to communicate and connect, and Katie has made it attainable for you to make it a part of your lifestyle." 

-Jailan Heider, MSc, certified Positive Discipline Educator, mom of a 2 year old and 4 year old

"What an awesome way to open up communication so that there’s no room to brush things under the rug. I can’t wait to implement Katie’s system. She lays it out in such an easy to use format, and I am so excited to begin this family meeting journey with my family!"

-Amie McCracken, mom of a 4 year old


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I’m Katie Rössler, a licensed counselor and grief healer with 12 years experience. I help families live happier and more balanced lives. As a wife and mom to two young kids and one more on the way, I know how important it’s to find tools that you can start using immediately. I teach my clients these exact tools and use them myself at home. 

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The Successful Family Meeting Guide

Here is the PDF guide with worksheets for you to use to start your family meetings.

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