Revive Your Relationship Bundle

The past years have taken a toll on many relationships. It's time to have some resources to REVIVE your relationship no matter what it went through in the past.

The Revive Your Relationship Bundle combines some amazing tools you can start using immediately to reconnect with your partner and improve your communication.

In this bundle, you will find:

Healthy Arguing:  A course that guides you to understanding what you and your partner's arguing styles are, how to improve your arguing style, and how to disagree without breaking down the foundation of your relationship. Valued at $297.

How to Kid-Proof Your Marriage: A course that gives you actionable steps to reconnect after kids. You will learn how to make your relationship a priority again and what the warning signs are that things are headed in a negative direction that you don't want to go. You will walk away from this course knowing exactly what you can do to strengthen your relationship each day. This course includes a workbook.  Valued at $297.

How Your Personality Affects Your Relationships: A 90 minute training that teaches you all about the different sub-types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, how to be more aware of the types through easy to do activities and ways to improve connection with others, whether they are your partner, family member, friend, or co-worker. This course includes a workbook.  Valued at $69.

Your Relationship Goals Workbook: An amazing workbook that guides you and your partner through how to improve your relationship and develop a mission statement that motivates you both to reach those goals together. Valued at $12.

The total of this bundle should be $675, but I'm making it $97 to give you the support you need!

Get everything in the bundle for the cost of one of the courses!

You will:

  • learn tools from a licensed counselor that are typically only taught in sessions
  • have workbooks and worksheets to keep you focused and help with reviewing what you have learned
  • revive your relationship so that you enjoy it again!

It takes hard work to make a relationship grow, but it's not as hard when we have the tools to effectively make positive changes in our relationship. Grab the Revive Your Relationship Bundle today and start using smart tools to make a difference this week!

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Your Relationship Goals Workbook

How Your Personality Affects Your Relationships

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